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Membership Types, Dues and Fees

(Updated October 2020. Dues and fees are subject to change with or without notice.)


Important notes about dues and fees for current and potential members:


  • Dues and fees are payable by January 1st

    • It is the responsibility of each member (regular, associate, seniors and juniors) to submit their completed renewal paperwork and correct payment on time as per Club bylaws.

  • Renewals are now done online​​

    • To renew your membership, log into the Member Portal from the Member Resources page

    • Members are responsible for contacting PF&G if a renewal is not received.

  • PF&G does not pro-rate memberships.

Using the above table, first year dues and fees for a Regular Member are :
  • Non-refundable Application Fee: $100

  • Annual Dues: $200

  • Work Fee: $40 (the work fee is assessed yearly until you complete your 8 volunteer hours)

       Total: $340 (add $35 indoor fee if qualifying)

Pelham Fish and Game Club, Inc.

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