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Pelham Fish and Game Club, Inc. (PF&G) is a members-only, family-friendly, safety oriented organization located in Pelham, New Hampshire.

Our focus is on safety, shooting sports, good sportsmanship,

resource conservation, and continuous education. 


Note: the entire property of Pelham Fish and Game, Inc., is an Active Shooting Range. Regardless of one’s physical location within the Club’s boundaries, it is to be treated as such. All rules apply to all areas of and within Pelham Fish and Game, Inc., property.

The use of photographic, video or recording devices & equipment is strictly prohibited without expressed prior approval of the PFG BOD. 


Pelham Fish and Game Club was founded in 1919. In 1921, PF&G was incorporated under the laws of the State of New Hampshire. We have been in continuous operation in Pelham, NH since that time.


The Pelham Fish and Game facilities are the most comprehensive

of any fish and game organization in the New England region.

Our facilities include:

  • 50 foot Indoor Pistol Range

  • 25/50/100 yard Outdoor Pistol and Rifle (Utility) range

  • Trap Fields

  • 200 meter Rifle Range

  • Silhouette Range for Rifles and Handguns

  • 25 yard/50 yard Outdoor Turning Target/Bulls-eye Pistol Range

  • Action Ranges

  • Archery Range and Course

  • 200/300/500/600 yard Rifle Range

  • 2 acre Pond

  • 8,400 plus square foot clubhouse, centrally heated and air-conditioned, a commercial kitchen,
    and restroom facilities


We are a Certified American Tree Farm System committed to sustaining forests, healthy wildlife habitats and conservation.


Our indoor and outdoor activities include:​

  • Archery, 3D 30 target walk through course, and practice butts

  • Black Powder Rifle, and Pistol

  • Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts/Ventures

  • Buffalo Rifle

  • Bullseye Pistol (MVPL, NH State Shoot, 900s, 2700s)

  • Class III

  • Clays (5-Stand)

  • Cowboy Action

  • DCM/CMP/High Power Rifle, including: Springfield, Carbine, and John C. Garand Matches

  • Firearms and Defensive Training Events

  • Hunter/Bow Hunter Education

  • IDPA/Practical/Action

  • Indoor/Outdoor Pistol

  • Junior Programs (Archery, Trap, Rifle, Pistol)

  • Living History Society Matches/Re-Enactment Events

  • NRA Approved Safety and Training Courses

  • Police Qualification and Training

  • Scouting Events, including: Scout Jamboree, Klondike Derby, Merit Badge Training

  • Silhouette

  • Trap

PF&G is not open to the public,
except for special events as noted on our calendar.
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Pelham Fish and Game Club, Inc.

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